Sat – 12/10/19

“Problems are simply opportunities in work clothes”

In Chinese, “crisis” is written with two symbols. In the English language, these translate to “Danger”, and “Opportunity”. These two words summarize our emotional connection to adversity very well.

Problems feel “dangerous”, because we’d rather be comfortable, cozy, and safe. It’s a human condition… we don’t like change. But problems are also full of “opportunity”, as the uncomfortable hot mess of adversity is the greatest catalyst to our growth.

Our greatest opportunities in life will also be our most trying. And if we can reframe those “problems” to being the enablers of growth… we can go wherever we want to go. We just need to suit up and get to work.

Warm Up

  • 10 Air squats
  • 10 Box step Ups
  • 10 Ring Rows
  • 5 Push Ups to Down Dog
  • 200m Run
  • 10 kb Goblet squats – Light
  • 10 Box jumps
  • 10 Scap Pull Ups
  • 5 Push Up to Down Dog

Team Wod – For Rounds Reps- Teams of 2

AMRAP 18 Min
15 Pull Ups
20 KB Goblet Squats
25 Push Ups
30 Box Jumps

*At the 6 min and 12min both partners do a 200m run

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