Membership Prices and Forms

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Membership Options (Auto Pay/Direct Debit Only)

Unlimited Classes – $50 weekly payments

16 Classes per 4wks – $48 weekly payments = $12/Class

12 Classes per 4wks – $45 weekly payments = $15/Class

8 Classes Per 4wks – $35 weekly Payments = $17.5/Class

·         For the limited class memberships, classes can be used anytime over the 4-week period

·         NO REFUND for or rollover of unused classes at the end of the 4wks

·         If you need to add more classes, single classes can be purchased at the same RATE PER CLASS as your Membership.

·         Open Gym is included FREE for all Unlimited and Limited class Memberships

Open Gym Only – $20 weekly payments

Discount rates (Memberships Only)

Student Discount (16-18yrs) – 10% off all Memberships

Emergency Services Discount (Police/Ambulance/Fire/Military) – 10% off all Memberships

Family Discount (When paid from the same Bank account) – 15% off all/combination memberships

*No discount rate is applied to any single or extra classes purchased.

Payment Date: Payments will be Debited from your nominated account weekly on a TUESDAY

Failed Payment Fee – $5 Will be automatically charged to your nominated account on the occurrence of a failed payment

Membership Cancelation Policy – 28 Day Notice Click Here

To Cancel your membership, we require you to fill in and submit the membership cancelation request from a minimum of 28 days (4 weeks) before you plan to finish coming to our facility. All payment dates that fall up to the 28 days or to the cancelation date requested, will be processed and you will be able to make full use of your membership up to this date.

Membership Hold Policy – 14 Day Notice Click Here

You can put your payments on hold for up to 6 weeks by filling in and submitting the membership hold request form a minimum of 14 days prior to the hold period. We will need a start and return date as your payments will automatically resume when your hold period is complete.

Membership Upgrade/Downgrade – 14 Day Notice Click Here

You can Upgrade or Downgrade your membership to any of the Limited or Unlimited Membership options by filling in and submitting the Membership Upgrade/Downgrade request form a minimum of 14 days prior to new membership start date.