Name: Tony Scholes- Owner/Head Coach

Year started CrossFit: 2013

Qualifications: CrossFit Level 1

What I like (Other than CrossFit): Coffee, Gardening, Eating good food, getting out into the bush, financial spreadsheets.

My Story

Apart from boarding school (Here at Mt Carmel in the Towers) and a 4 year stint in Townsville as Boilermaker, I have spent most of my life in the bush on cattle properties. This was great for me as a kid, getting involved in every day task like riding motorbikes, horses, mustering and enjoying the wide-open spaces.

As a kid I loved all sports and anything that involved physical activity. Whether it was Footy, cricket, athletics or lining up all the chairs at lunch time and seeing how many we could jump. It never occurred to me at any time as a Kid that I could have a career in the fitness industry or be considered an athlete. Although I always knew I wanted to own a business.

I happily followed the default path of getting an apprenticeship before returning “Home” to work for Mum and Dad on our cattle properties. Eventually the family business was split up and with great youth and enthusiasm my Brother and I formed a partnership, having great aspirations of building a huge cattle enterprise. It was very busy and challenging time with our focus continually on building our herd.

It was in this time that I met my Wife Jayde. Her parents owned a property nearby and we hit it off at a local Christmas party. Although it took me a couple of years to ask her to marry me, we have really been together since that party and I am so glad our paths met that night.

As things progressed my focus did change and with both our families growing, my brother and I decided to split our partnership and run our businesses independently. I had now got my own cattle property running the way I had been working towards for the last few years. I soon realised though, that I no longer had the passion to deal with the daily challenges of running a cattle business. When an opportunity came to sell all my land and cattle came along, I took it, with the thought that I am young enough to try something else.

I had been doing CrossFit prior to this, which first started in 2013 when Jayde and I were waiting for our last child to be born. From my first fundamental session, I knew I had found something for me. I just loved training and being part of the class group. It didn’t matter that everyone was stronger and fitter than me, as they were so encouraging and I could feel myself getting fitter. From then on whether I was in town or out in the bush I always made time to train, it makes me feel so alive.

After settling into town life, I allowed myself time to let my mind settle, before jumping into anything. It became clear to me that what I want to do with my life was CrossFit and I am very happy to be able to now bring CrossFit CT to Charters Towers. I have been lucky to be coached by some great coaches and I am excited to be able to coach for a living and help people live healthy, happy lives.