Mon – 9/3/20


“If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” – Michelangelo

Written by someone recognized as one of the greatest artists of time.

“Natrual born talent” is a myth. Movies portray it, sports news glamorizes… the “uncontrollable factor” that leads to such heights of achievement. Yet here he is, Michelangelo himself, expressing his backbone to success.

It’s easy to believe that we can’t control tomorrow. To believe that it is by chance. It’s far harder, to believe that it is within our capabilities. That there is another level of true grit and unrelenting effort we can choose to go. It’s realizing that the great Michaelangelo simply worked his ass off… and that we can too.

Greatness is never by chance. It is always by choice. The choice to do the work.


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30 Seconds

Active Samson Video
Box Step-ups (Low Box) Video
Front Plank

Active Spidermans Video
Lateral Box Step-ups (Low Box) Video
Hollow Hold Video

Push-up to Down Dog Video
Box Step-ups (Higher Box)
Arch Hold Video

Air Squats
Lateral Box Step-ups (Low Box)

Dumbbell Warmup

20 Seconds Each:

Goblet Squat Video
Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Press (Right)
Goblet Squat Video
Single Arm Dumbbell Strict Press (Left)
Goblet Squat Video

Performed With 1 Light Dumbbell


Dumbbell Ankle Stretch on Box: 45 Seconds Each Side


Child’s Pose on Box: 45 Seconds



Double Dumbell Power Cleans (50’s/35’s)
Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
Double Dumbbell Front Squats (50’s/35’s)
Toes to Bar



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