Thurs – 20/2/20


“There will never be a better you, than you.”

There is a lot to be said about authenticity.
The first definition inside Merriam-Webster reads, “worthy of acceptance or belief.”
If there’s one sure way to find failure in something, it’s through not being ourselves. It just doesn’t pan out in the long run. While we always remain a student, the harm lies when we blur the lines between emulating the traits of our mentors… with trying to actually be them.

Our mentors do not wish for us to follow in their footsteps.
Our mentors wish for us to go further. To blaze the path further than before.

We have incredible leaders to guide us. But it is now on us to push even further. And there’s no one suited better for that, than you.”


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Walking In 10m Increments

Quad Stretch
Knee to Chest
Cradle Stretch
Straight Leg Kicks
Side Lunges
Walking Samson Stretch
Walking Spidermans


In 20m Increments

Side Shuffle (Each Way)
Karaoke (Each Way)
Skip For Height
Skip For Distance
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Bear Crawl
Reverse Bear Crawl

dumbbell Warmup

10 single leg Romanian Deadlifts
10 Strict Press & Reach
10 DB goblet holdAlternating Reverse Lunges
10 Goblet Squats


Banded 3-Way Shoulder: 30 Seconds Each Direction


“Ground Ball”

30m Walking Lunge
1 Rope Climb
20 single arm DB Power snatch (22.5/15)
1 Rope Climb



Rope Climb: Knee Raises

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