Mon – 9/11/19

“I’ve always wondered why birds stay in the same place, when they could fly anywhere in the world. And then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya

We are like the bird. We can fly anywhere in the world. But… we hold ourselves back.

I don’t have the time. I’m not educated enough. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m not a natural with this. I can’t afford it. I’m afraid of what might go wrong.

Every single one of the above can be legitimately true. But even with that being the case, we still want to see what they are at their core. A list of self-induced doubts and fears.

What Harun Yahya expresses is a powerful perspective we can take into our day: we sometimes can forget that we have wings.

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30 Seconds Each

PVC Pass Throughs Click Here
Active Samson + Air Squat Click Here
Box Facing Alternating Step-ups (Low Box)

PVC Overhead Squats
Inchworm to Push-up Click Here
Lateral Box Step Overs

PVC Overhead Squats (More Narrow)
Push-up to Down Dog Click Here
Box Facing Alternating Step-ups (Higher Box)

Burgener Warmup

Dip drive
Dip, drive, shrug (arms straight)
Dip, drive, shrug, high Pull
Dip, drive, muscle snatch
Over head squats
High Hang Snatch



Pigeon Pose on Box: 1 Minute Each Side

Click Here

Child’s Pose on Box: 1 Minute

Click Here

Overhead Squat

12min emom – 2 Overhead squat

“Power Move”

6 Power Snatches (40/30)
9 Overhead Squats (40/30)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)

sx: 30/22.5, box step ups

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