Mon – 18/11/19

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery, than mastery of oneself.” –Leonardo DiVinci

Leonardi DiVinci was one of the first documented individuals to believe that humans could take flight. Before such an idea became a mainstream success… talk about a horrific idea! The thought of hurling a human into the air, like a bird, with no guarantee of landing.

The above quote speaks to his greatest accomplishment. His mastery over his mind. He well knew of the risks, and well recognized the fears. But he believed it to be possible through it all.

The one person that will stop of us from doing what we want to do, looks back at us in the mirror.
It’s good to acknowledge that the primary job of our brain is to keep us safe. It’s going to try to keep us away from risk, danger, and failure.

It’s you versus you.

Warm Up

30 Seconds
Active Samson Click Here
Hollow Hold Click Here

Push-up to Down Dog Click Here
Superman Hold Video

Inchworm to Push-ups Click Here
Straight Leg Sit-ups

Air Squats
V-Ups Click Here

Barbell Warmup

5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Press & Reach
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Front Squats


Couch Stretch:

Click Here

Wrist Stretch:

Click Here

Front Rack Stretch:

Click Here

Macho Man Complex – For Load

Build to Heavy Complex:
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks

WOB – “Randy Savage” – For Rnds/reps

3 Rounds of “”Macho Man”” (60/40)
15 Toes to Bar

*1 Round of “Macho Man”: *
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks

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