Mon – 11/11/19

“When you have one foot in the past, and one in the future, you piss on the present.”” – Dan Harris

It’s tempting to daydream about the future, and it’s far too easy to dwell on the past. Being present, here and now, is often the most challenging of the three.

When we think of the underlying reason why one would study the past and to plan to future, we can come to the agreement there’s a singular purpose – to make today, our very best. There is never a reason not to pursue that aim, well knowing that today could very well be our last.

Happiness is not something we postpone for the future; it is something we design for the present.

Warm Up

30 Seconds
Easy Row
Active Spidermans
Air Squats to Medicine Ball

Moderate Row
Push-up to Down Dog
Medicine Ball Front Squats

Faster Row
Inchworm to Push-up
Medicine Ball Thrusters

WOD – “Open 20.5” For Time
For Time (Partitioned Any Way):
40 Ring Muscle-ups
80 Calorie Row
120 Wallballs

♀ 14-lb. Ball to 9 ft.
♂ 20-lb. Ball to 10 ft.

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

For Time (Partitioned Any Way):
40 Chin Over Bar Pull-ups
80 Calorie Row/Bike or 1600m run
120 Wallballs (20/14)

♀ 10-lb. Ball to 9 ft.
♂ 14-lb. Ball to 10 ft.

Time Cap: 20 Minutes

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