Wed – 30/10/19


“Attempt the impossible, in order to improve your work.” – Brian Tracey

Enter certain failure (the impossible), to improve.

At first, that seems a bit ridiculous. Yet, as much of an oxymoron as it seems, by making mistakes, by reaching outside our comfort zone, by truly feeling stupid… we become smarter.

The paradigm shift is to get away from trying things, purely to succeed. And to instead try things, to learn. To grow a sense of curiosity and belief that everything is a chance to grow. Trying things with the intention to learn changes our definition of what a “failure” is. We begin to look at things as opportunities, versus pass/fail assessments.

We recognize that our body adapts to physical stress, but it’s easy to forget that our brain functions the same way. Much like how reaching for the PR snatch feels like an impossibility at the time, we just need to try.

Warm Up

30 Seconds

Easy Shuttle Runs
Quad Stretch
Knee to Chest
Walking Samson

Easy-Moderate Shuttle Runs
Straight Leg Kicks
Side Lunges
Walking Spidermans

Moderate Shuttle Runs
Cradle Stretch
Inchworm to Push-ups
High Skips

Moderate-Fast Shuttle Runs
Side Shuffles
High Knees
Butt Kickers

Wod – “Tri Sprint Intervals V2” – For Calories

5 Rounds:
30 Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)
15 Toes to bar
Max Calorie Row/Bike

Rest 4 Minutes Between Rounds


Sit ups

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