Thur – 17/10/19

“When it’s obvious that the goal cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goal, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

When obstacles arise, we will find ourselves at a crossroad.

One option is that we can allow the adversity to adjust our goal, moving into a state of compromise.

The other options is that we adjust the sails. While we keep the destination true.

If our reaction under adversity is to compromise the goal and make it a bit easier, we’re now simply continuing on to “check the box”. But goals aren’t meant to be checked – they are meant to change our lives.

And anything of that magnitude is going to mother-freaking-hard. We all can agree on that.

Let’s make it part of our identity – when times get hard, we go harder.
We find the way to make it, because it’s always there.
We just have to work hard enough to find it.

Warm Up

3 Min Row/Bike

2 Rounds: 30 sec each

  • Active Samson
  • Right plank
  • Active Spidermans
  • Left Plank
  • Air Squats
  • Plank

Today is a skill/Practice day. Focus on keeping a lower heart rate while maintaining form and technique. If you would rather a cardio workout choose a cardio option.

Practice Option 1:

On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 30 Seconds Double Under Practice
Even Minutes: 3-6 Handstand Push-ups

Practice Option 2:

On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 1-2 Ring Muscle-ups
Even Minutes: 30 Seconds Handstand Walk

Practice Option 3:

On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 5 Power Snatches (40%)
Even Minutes: 1 Rope Climb

Cardio Option 1:

On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 1 Minute Bike
Even Minutes: 1 Minute Sit-ups

Cardio Option 2:

On the Minute x 20:
Odd Minutes: 12 Calorie Row
Even Minutes: 12 Burpees

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