Sat 24/8/19 – Team WOD

Warm Up

  • 200m Run
  • 10 Walkouts
  • 10 Sec wrist stretch

Teaching Power Clean

  • Hand and Feet Position
  • Dip and shrug
  • Dip High Pull fast elbows
  • 3 Bottom Positions
  • Power clean

Teaching Push Jerk

  • Jump and Land Hands by Side
  • Jump and Land, Hands on Shoulders
  • Jump and Land, Punch hands to the Sky
  • Broomstick Push Jerk
  • Barbell Push Jerk

Workout Prep

  • Clean and Jerk Build up to working weight

Workout For Time – Teams of 3

200m Run ( all run together )
21 Clean and Jerks (split up between 3)
400m Run
21 Clean and Jerks
21 Clean and Jerks

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